Read to Gather Tips for An Exciting Trip to the Country of Flowers, Netherlands

With the best backpacks for travel, softly biking to relax, sightseeing, and feeling the peace rhythm of Europe will surely be the interesting memories for you.

Each year, Netherlands tourism gains a notable amount of return from millions of travelers from all over world. Netherlands is a country which lays at the Northwest of Europe, borders with Germany, Belgium and the North Sea, and known as or “land of the windmills” or “the country of flowers” because at any places in this country, travelers can also see the windmills beside the top biggest dikes in the world or flower fields spreading endless with many sprawling colors.

Country of Flowers

From your country, you can come to Netherlands by plane. When you have been being in Netherlands, the favorite mean of transport is mostly the bike because the road traffic here has designed particularly the lanes for bike very comfy.

But if you must go a farther way, letís select the public vehicles like trains or rent a self-driving auto. The system of train in Netherlands is quite modern and run until late of night to meet the demands of people. So if you select trains, you ought to get the tickets before several days because now the rail station does not sell immediate tickets any more.

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In Netherlands, you also participate in some festivals such as the Keukenhof Flower Festival (held from the middle of March to the middle of May), the Easter season in Amsterdam or the Koninginnedag holiday (held on January 31). But, pay attention that this is also the time the price is rather expensive so if you intend to plan a travel trip on this time, you have to book the room as well as tickets first and ought to think carefully and negotiate the price before agreeing to rent or buy anything, too.

Especially, if you extremely love the beautiful Netherlands, do not miss the Flower Festival that is named “Keukenhof Spring” with hundreds of the cars that are fully attached to tulips along with thousands of other kinds of flowers with many brilliant colors. Where is Keukenhof? It is in Lisse, a small town lays in the South of Amsterdam, where has the biggest flower garden of the world.

This flower garden commonly opens in only 2 months a year, from the late spring to early summer. This is a rare occasion to view a lot of brilliant colorful flowers such as orange, red, pink and yellow competing to show their beauty in the great artistic works.

In additions, there are also 7 creative gardens in the Keukenhof Flower Festival; each garden will be ornamented with the flowers in different concepts to make a miniature city of flower. And of course, you will see the very special performances of all kinds of bloomed flowers during two months the festival taking place.

Besides, letís go to the Amsterdam city to admire a big number of art galleries, museums, theatres and music stages and enjoy a cultural life which is outstandingly developed in the European area. Among them, do not forget to put your steps to the Heineken Museum – it takes just an hour driving from Amsterdam.

This factory opened from 1932; after that it became a museum to serve the travelers who will visit here – the location that produced exceptional beer flavor of this well-known brand. Here you will be showed the history, Heineken producing process; especially try the taste of new beer and feel the elegance of the art of brewing for years.

Moreover, in the trip going to this nice country, you also get the chance to see the other featured beauties of the Netherlands, like: Rotterdam harbor, the Royal Palace, the Zaanse Schans country with the windmills, sitting on the yachts to see the capital Amsterdam, the factory making traditional wood shoes and producing cheese.

When visiting the Netherlands, do not miss the opportunity to eat the outstanding food in the cuisine here. Dutch cheese is one of the agricultural products famous in Europe because of especially delicious taste.

In order to make cheese bolder, people usually soak it in salt water and continue to dry before coat a protective outer powder layer so that it can avoid the loss of water and keep in a long time. You can keep the Dutch cheese for some weeks, 6 months, 1 year and longer. Especially, the longer the time to keep is, the harder and saltier the cheese is. It makes the taste of cheese always delicious.

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