Experiences to Travel By Plane While Carrying Your Newborn Babies

This article will share with you some experiences to just with the best travel system you will come to a destination by plane with newborn babies comfortably. Letís refer and give the appropriate decision. The newborn babies on a flight are defined as the babies have the age below 24 months (i.e. 2 years) who fly with the parent or authorized person.

Do Not Worry About the Ticket Matter

In basis, the airline companies refuse to transfer children below 14 days of age, one baby capable of flying will be free with the ticket, but still have to pay some certain types of the fee that are about 10% of the usual ticket price (basing on the airline company and flight schedule).

For example, you can pay more an additional amount is 15 USD for a cheap airline company such as Air Asia and you will be not difficult to buy the ticket for babies adding to your ticket even when it was confirmed before all year.

travel with baby

So, one of the things very worth to consider when deciding if you should travel with the newborn babies or not is your infants will be free on a plane ticket or not (of course, not the whole). This is very meaningful when you have to fly a long trip with the ticket cost up to about $ 1,000.

Specifically, when your price of the ticket is $1,053.4, your babyís ticket costs $140.5, a distance worth to dream, it helps you to have more encourage to plan to “fly” with your newborn babies.

decide to go travel by plane with your babies without many thoughts about a budget.

Many Priority Modes for Newborn Babies

Airline companies almost have a special priority mode for children in general and newborn babies in particular. You and your infants will be prioritized when boarding on a private entrance, even sometimes some members going together with you can also be provided that privileges without having to queue.

The baby will also be prioritized when doing immigration procedures for international flights or passing through the security doors. The stroller or cart of your baby is allowed to carry to the foot of the plane and the staffs will help you to move it up to the luggage compartment, and return right at the foot of the plane or in the luggage tape. All of them are fully free.

In general, the newborn baby will be allowed sitting in the same seat with its parent or the guardian along with the private seat belt that is attached to the seat belt of adults. The bassinet is a term to use to talk about the baby crib service for newborns so convenient on the plane for the long trip and usually is not applied for the cheap airlines or the short flights.

Each airline will have the private rule about the largest weight of newborns used, but almost approximately 10 kilogram, for example, the ANA (Japan) allows a maximum of 10 kilograms, the VNA (Vietnam) is 11kilogram, and Korean Air (Korea) is 11 kilogram.

You need to book the service of a baby crib in advance; as soon as possible because the number of seats can be installed the crib on the plane is limited (depending on the kind of plane).

travel with baby

If all the suitable seats have been booked in advance for the children and disabilities that need the special help. The airline company will set up for you and your baby to sit in the rows of seats which have wide spaces, or next to the area of servers in order to be given the immediate support when necessary.

The bassinet service will be set up as soon as the aircraft gets the stable height, so you can let your baby sleep and rest peacefully in the crib, then you can easily enjoy other services such as: watching films, listening to music, eating and drinking that are served along the flight.

Be Not Nervous About Meeting the Individual Needs of Babies

Commonly, the airline companies do not allow or limit bringing liquids onto the aircraft but for babies, they will have some certain priorities. You can put in your hand baggage the pure filtered water, hot water bottle, package water milk or even soup.

In several places, the security part at an airport will ask to check quite closely the food of babies before boarding, but as you know, that is simply just a procedure.