4 Tips On Traveling to Europe

European cities are among the top tourist attractions as well as destinations thanks to their perse multicultural and educational opportunities to tourist, students and businessmen.

There are many things to see, eat and experience in Europe that need you to know beforehand so that you will be able to fully enjoy your experience while you stay in this place.

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Here are some tips on traveling to Europe that you should know:

1. Do You Homework Carefully

Before you go to Europe, make sure you understand something about its history and culture of the city or the country you are going to. Get informed about some of the cultural norms so you donít get culture shock.

Research some information about this place in guidebooks, websites, travelling forums and asking friends and family who have been there.

2. Research And Book Accommodations

When you come to visit Europe, there are many types of accommodations you can book yourself into such as luxurious hotels, boutique hotels or bed and breakfast. If you go on a group, there is also an option of renting an apartment.

There are also various unique styles of accommodations which are based on their natural surroundings such as house boats in Holland or night in a castle in Germany.

Be prepared to pay higher prices in peak times such as summer seasons or when festivals are taking place.

3. Research About Transportation

Make sure you know and understand all the transportation you have in each particular city.

Plan ahead of what you will travel within Europe by. There are many options such as car, train, tram, bike, plane and walk.

If you want to hire a car, you need an international driving permit.

Another very useful option if you travel many countries in Europe is to buy a rail pass. It allows you to travel for a certain number of days to any country in Europe. It is really helpful when you are planning a budget for the trip as well.

Some countries in Europe offer day pass of trams and buses as well. When you buy a day ticket, you can hop on and off the buses as many times as you want.


4. Check for Other Necessary Items

Make sure you have a decent passport and valid visa that could help you pass through the EU border. Your Passport needs to have at 2 empty pages and 6 months left before expiry. Check if you need visa- if you have to apply for visa, check if you can buy it the arrival or have to apply for it beforehand at home.

Prepare some money. Make sure you know how to convert the currencies. Most of the cities in Europe use Euro, except for the UK, Denmark, Hungary and Sweden. You should try to buy some money at home and at some local money exchange store of where you go to. You should not buy them at the airport.

Buy a universal electric converter plug.

Before you go, print out copies of your reservation as well as itineraries. Also print out information about your credit cards, your driver’s license and passport. Take note about your embassyís address and phone number in each country you are visiting and search about what to do in case you lose your passport.

Tell someone at home about your plans, where you go. Leave them all the information that you will bring with so they will know how to contact you.

That are some tips i think you should know to have a wonderful time in Europe.

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